Good News Gram

Hi HappyGram Community – Our hope is that the daily “Good News Gram” is adding a little more JOY to your community!​

Printing and distribution tips:​

  • Many communities print the entire batch of Good News Grams and leave them in a folder labeled “Good News Gram” at the front desk​
  • Every morning the front desk staff goes to the folder to make copies of the current day (front and back) as a part of their opening routine​
  • Ideas where to distribute Good News Gram: At the front desk, on the dining room tables, at coffee stations, or deliver to residents who could use some “Good News!”​
  • Let us know what tips you have on printing/distributing!​

Survey: While printing the second batch of Good News Grams, we would be so appreciative of you taking the time to answer the following short survey! ***Our goal is to add as much value as we can and ANY feedback/comments/ideas you have would be helpful! Thank you so much!

Survey for Good News Gram: