Q: How does HappyGram work?

A: A senior community signs up for HappyGram by using this link: Community Sign-Up


After signing-up, HappyGram is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Promote. The senior community will share HappyGram with residents’ family members by mentioning HappyGram in their newsletter, social media, email burst, etc.
  2. Print. The HappyGrams for each senior community will be received in one email Monday-Friday including all HappyGrams from the previous day.
  3. Prepare for smiles. Deliver HappyGrams to residents and get ready for Happy Residents! Meaningful mail and “good news” from loved ones has the power to brighten their whole day!

Q: What is the cost of HappyGram?

  • Service for HappyGram will be free for the remainder of January 
  • HappyGram will start accepting payment beginning in February 
  • Based on community feedback, we will be offering both annual and month-to-month payment options
  • Our family is proud to offer this card-delivery service to senior communities for less than a dollar-a-day:
    • Monthly: $29/month
    • Annual: $300/year (savings of $48)


Q: Do families pay to send HappyGrams?

A: No, there is no cost to families to send HappyGrams. HappyGram is a service the senior community will be offering to the families.


Q: How can a senior community cancel?

A: Senior communities can cancel at any time. 


Q: What if a community believes they are unable to afford HappyGram?

A: Our goal is to give every senior resident the opportunity to receive HappyGrams from loved ones. If a community believes they are unable to pay for our service, please let us know. We are working on Scholarship opportunities for eligible senior communities. 


Q: Why HappyGram?

A:  Senior loneliness has been identified as one of the “silent killers” amongst the pandemic. Thank you for joining in our mission to battle loneliness and connecting your residents with their loved ones through HappyGram.