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Retro Digital Flip Down Clock - Large Numbers (Internal Gear Operated)

"My dad thought it was "pretty cool" when he came to visit (aka absolutely loved it), so I was so excited to find it here. Both myself and my dad have received a number of compliments, so certainly recommend buying for yourself or as a gift."


Pro Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return

"Bought this for my dad and he loves it. Love that it has the guidelines for practicing. The return works perfect. Has improved his putting game tremendously to me dismay."

4.5 STARS (3,791 REVIEWS)

Victrola Retro Wood Bluetooth FM/AM Radio with Rotary Dial

"I bought this radio as a gift for my father and he loved it!! Sounds super well and clear. Definitely worth the money!!"

4.6 STARS (3,067 REVIEWS)

NACHOsaurus Dip and Snack Dish Set

"Kids and dads LOVE it."


"This was a gift for my son, but my husband and I use it more than the kids, because let’s be honest, this thing friggin rules."

4.7 STARS (1,007 REVIEWS)

Foot and Leg Massager for Circulation and Relaxation

"My mom suffers from edema due to poor kidney function and her legs swell up substantially by night time. I've had to spend an hour a day massaging her legs to bring the swelling down but it was never fully thinned out. After using this leg compression for 15 minutes at Max intensity on Circulation cycle, it fully compressed her swelling! She and I are extremely impressed and she does this twice a day (once in the afternoon and once before bedtime)."

4.2 STARS (2,175 REVIEWS)

3-Ring Binder for HappyGrams - Happy Blooms Design (holds Standard 8.5" x 11" Letter Size Paper)

"This is a beautiful binder. I haven't had the chance to use it yet because my school doesn't start for a few weeks. My first impressions are - WOW that is stunning!"

4.6 STARS (2,507 REVIEWS)

Sheet Protectors for 3-Ring Binder (8.5 x 11 Inches Clear Page Protectors, 50 Pack)

"Exactly what I needed to complete a memory notebook for my mom! Great price, nice and clear and perfect to hold everyone's notes and letters! Prompt shipping as always~"

4.8 STARS (9,176 REVIEWS)

LARGE PRINT Crosswords Puzzle Pack (Set of 6 Full Sized Books)

"Both of my parents love these large print puzzle books. They will sit in their easy chairs, each with their own book, solving puzzles and asking each other for answers. Very relaxing for them while keeping their minds active."

4.6 STARS (1,754 REVIEWS)

Classy Pal, Adult Bibs (Embroidered Design, Waterproof, Reusable, Washable)

"I gifted the Classy Pal Adult Bib to my Dad. He loves it and put it on as soon as he opened it! It cracked him up!"


Sofa Armrest Organizer with 6 Pockets for Magazine, Books, TV Remote Control, Cell Phone, iPad (Multiple Colors)

"This was a gift for my 79-year-old Mother. It has helped her to keep her phone and remote close by and made finding things much easier. She loves it!"

4.3 STARS (5,334 REVIEWS)

Sock Aid - Socks Helper with Foam Handles

"My dad loves it! I bought this for my 80 yr old dad that had to have back surgery, and was going to be unable to bend for several weeks. He was very unsure about this when I showed it to him, but once it arrived and he used it he was sold. He loves it so much he just had me order 2 more for his friends that he’s told about it."

4.5 STARS (15,173 REVIEWS)

24" Inch Extra Long Handled Shoehorn

"I am a senior citizen and often have trouble getting my shoes on. The extra-long shoe horn is just what I needed."

4.7 STARS (10,064 REVIEWS)

Grabber Reacher Tool for Elderly - Foldable Picker Upper Grabber Mobility Aid (32")

"I have back issues so sometimes bending to pick something up hurts or reaching for things is difficult. This little grabber is great it has made life much simpler an painless at times. It will pick up coins, the little plastic bread tabs for keeping your bread fresh."

4.5 STARS (15,696 REVIEWS)

Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager (with Heat and Deep Tissue 4D Kneading Massage)

"This was a gift for my Dad for Christmas he’s 53 years old and has gout and arthritis so you could imagine how his body aches, he uses this on a good day or bad day because it works!"

4.5 STARS (6,834 REVIEWS)

Memory Foam Seat Cushion for Sciatica, Tailbone Pain Relief (Orthopedic + Breathable + Ergonomic for Car, Desk, and Wheelchair)

"I bought this cushion for my mom who is in hospice care at home. She was starting to have pain and breakdown of skin on her tailbone. The hospice nurse brought her a flat cushion which did nothing to help her pain. When my mom sat on this cushion she immediately had pain relief. It’s been one month and no pain or breakdown of her skin. The hospice nurse asked me to send her the I for on this cushion because she was totally amazed by it and she had several patients who could benefit from this!"

4.3 STARS (1,351 REVIEWS)

Grandma’s Brag Board - Photo Holder for Pictures of Granddaughter and Grandson

"My mom loved it says she can easily switch out the pictures as she gets new ones!"

4.6 STARS (1,955 REVIEWS)

Front-Opening Wooden "HappyGram Frame" - Hold up to 50 Items in Each! (8.5 x 11)

"We are very happy with these frames & I think they are the perfect gift suggestion for a parent or grandparent. I love that the pictures can be stacked in the same frame so that pictures can be kept for posterity. It's fun to see how much my daughter's drawing skills have improved!"


Meadow Showers Scented Yankee Candle (up to 150 Hour Burn Time)

"Got this for my grandma (its one of my favorite scents) and she loved it"

4.7 STARS (26,028 REVIEWS)

Portable CD Player with Simple Buttons (also AM/FM)

"Adequate sound and easy to use - I've bought several for my patients with memory loss."

4.1 STARS (1,206 REVIEWS)

Coloring Book for Seniors (Easy and Simple Large Print Designs)

"These books have been such a soothing activity for my 92 year old grandmother"


Universal Big Button TV Remote Perfect for Assisted Living Elderly Care (Backlit & Easy to Use)

My Mother is 80 y.o. and has dementia...This (remote) has 6 large buttons and they light up when pressed. She was so pleased the next time that I visited, you would have thought I had bought her a new car.”

4.2 STARS (1,675 REVIEWS)

Chin Supporting Pillow- Unique Patented Design Offers 3 Ergonomic Ways to Support The Head, Neck, and Chin. (Fully Washable)

“Exactly as described. I purchased this pillow for my elderly mother, who is confined to a wheelchair. She occasionally falls asleep, causing her head to lean forward. This pillow helps support her chin, keeping her head in a better position.”

4.3 STARS (9,426 REVIEWS)

Ultra Bright LED Page Magnifier with 12 Anti-Glare Dimmable LEDs. Evenly Lit Viewing Area to Relieve Eye Strain. Ideal for Low Vision Seniors with Aging Eyes

"Purchased for my 88-year-old Mom with macular degeneration. It's perfect. It's lightweight enough she has no problem holding it up for extended periods of time and the adjustable brightness of the LEDs makes it easy on her eyes."

4.5 STARS (8,582 REVIEWS)

Adaptive Utensils for Elderly Use (Hand Tremors, Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Etc.) - Wide, Non-Weighted, Non-Slip Handles

These are perfect for my elderly mother who has arthritis. They are not heavy at all. She loves them and at 95 years old, she deserves the best!

4.6 STARS (1,962 REVIEWS)

Kindle - Now with a Built-in Front Light (Available in Black or White)

“We got this for my 92-year-old grandma who is an avid reader, but does not like using any kind of device. She liked the e-ink screen and read an entire book on it without complaining about the screen bothering her eyes.”

4.6 STARS (31,671 REVIEWS)

Smart Frame for Friends and Family - Send Pics from Phone to Frame (Holds Over 5,000 Photos, Available in Black/White, Works with Android & iOS)

“After trying one of these many years ago, I decided to get one for my mom, in assisted living. It has a touch screen, is easy to use the photoshare ap, a nice clear crisp picture, a nice looking wood look frame, and lots of on board storage as well as a full size SD card slot and USB port.”

4.6 STARS (3,354 REVIEWS)

Extra Large Digital Day Clock for Impaired Vision (with Battery Backup and 5 Alarm Options)

“This product has been a real lifesaver for us. My wife's 84 year old mother would constantly ask us what day it was, what time it was, etc. This clock has returned to her a sense of independence, and has made life easier for us as well.”

4.8 STARS (3,978 REVIEWS)

Women's Cozy Memory Foam Slippers w/Indoor, Outdoor Anti-Skid Rubber Sole

"These slippers are great soft warm and so comfortable. Love the memory foam. The soles do not slip which is great I’m a senior citizen and try to be careful but these make it easier."

4.6 STARS (33,136 REVIEWS)

Bicycle Playing Card Games (With Instructions for Euchre and Other Games)

"I have recently discovered this fun game and started a weekly canasta afternoon for a group of ladies. Another group that I learned to play canasta with had lovely cards but they were not canasta cards. The difference is these cards are value marked and make the game so much more enjoyable without having to think about card values."

4.8 STARS (1,019 REVIEWS)

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