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*Scholarship* – If your community cannot afford HappyGram, please let us know by emailing h[email protected] and we will continue the service at no cost. 

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 • Both plans provide HappyGram’s signature card-delivery service

 • HappyGram Plus includes a community landing page (Example Below)

 • Options for ALL communities through HappyGram’s Scholarship Program

HappyGram Basic

$34 $19 / month
  • Your community is listed on the ‘Send a HappyGram’ form on our home page
  • Receive one daily email with formatted HappyGrams to print and deliver to residents
  • Ability to partner with schools to receive HappyGrams from local students
  • Compare vs HappyGram Plus
  • 19 / month
  • or $228 Annual Invoice

HappyGram Plus

$59 $39 / month
  • Everything in "HappyGram Basic" Plan
  • Send HappyGrams via a custom landing page on HappyGram.org /YourCommunityName
  • Showcase your community
  • Improve Your Communities Online Presence (Search Engine Optimization ↑)
  • Sample Community Landing Page
  • 39 / month
  • or $425 Annual Invoice (Savings of $43)

Optional Add-On: Good News Gram

Daily positive newsletter + puzzle/activity

$9/month [$30/month] exclusively for HappyGram Communities (included in HappyGram Plus Plan)

✓ A "Feel Good" article

✓ "Today in History" events

✓ Happy-Hearty-Laugh

✓ Interesting Facts

✓ Inspiring Quote or Affirmation

✓ "Did You Know...?" 

✓ Puzzle

✓ Newsletter Monday - Saturday

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Digital Badge

Sign up for HappyGram and proudly display this digital badge on your website, in your signature line, on social media, etc.​

Senior loneliness is a serious and timely issue. Inspire others to get on board with the mission of fighting loneliness by encouraging connection.

* Scholarship Opportunities *

We never want money to be the reason why residents are not able to receive HappyGrams from their loved ones. Our family started this service for our grandpa’s community and ran it at no cost for many years. Our main goal is to provide a way for your residents to receive meaningful mail from their loved ones…please do not let budgetary constraints stop you from offering HappyGram in your community.​

If your community wants to implement HappyGram, but believes they are not able to afford the service, please use the following link to schedule a call with one of our family members to discuss scholarship options. If you are wanting to offer HappyGram in your community, it’s our mission to make that happen!

The Helgens Family: Mary-Beth, Bob, Kylie, JP and Paul

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