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4 Pillars of Learning

While our overall mission is connection, here are 4 additional benefits of using HappyGram in the classroom.



Children can use their creativity to write about anything they’d like. To help them think outside of the box, they can start with the writing prompts provided by local teachers.

Composition and Coherent Writing

Children have the opportunity to practice important writing skills like punctuation, capitalization and grammar with HappyGram.

Computer Skills

The process of typing, filling out a HappyGram form and attaching files are all important skills to learn when working with computers.

Compassion for Community

Children who send HappyGrams understand they are doing something nice for someone else in their community. 

Researchers find when students are introduced to programs that promote mindfulness, their academic attendance, attention and performance improve.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue

Seniors will feel extra special

receiving a HappyGram from YOU!

Valentine's Day Writing Prompts

Kindergarten-Second Grade:

  • I feel loved when…
  • What does love mean to you? Or Love feels like….
  • I love ______ more than anything in the world!
  • People love me because….
  • When people love each other, they…..
  • Valentine’s Day makes me feel….
  • The best kind of valentines to give are….

Third and Fourth Grade

  • What does love mean to you? Or Love feels like….
  • Love is…..
  • If there were more love in the world then, 
  • Love is important because….
  • People deserve to feel loved every day because….
  • Caring for people is important because….

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Mrs. James K-4 Elementary Counselor at Indian Creek Elementary (Linn-Mar), Marion, Iowa

Thank you, teachers!

I think HappyGram is such a fantastic tool for students to be able to use to connect with others. With what we have been going through in our world the last several years, students have not had the same connection with others that we have been so accustomed to. With HappyGram, they are able to “connect” in a way with those around them, especially a population that needs that connection. I teach my students about service to others, empathy, and thinking of others and their needs on a daily basis; HappyGram is that tool that puts their learning to life. What I also love about HappyGram is that it is a tech based tool that allows these digital aged kiddos to have fun and use technology! We have had so much fun creating cards using fun drawing apps on their computers to spice up their writing and make their words come alive! Plus, HappyGram allows them to practice their writing and typing skills in a fun way! It is a win-win!


I am so glad that I was able to connect with HappyGram and have this opportunity to have my students do something for others to brighten their day. My hope is that they feel the love in return from what they have done for these seniors that HappyGram provides to! I think this is a company that is doing so much good for the world and I love that my students and I can have a small part in allowing this company to grow and touch others lives at the same time! Thanks HappyGram!

Some Holiday HappyGram Tips: