Our Mission

Our Mission

HappyGram is a family operation. Our mission is to help connect you with your loved ones.

The Helgens Family: Mary-Beth, Bob, Kylie, JP and Paul

Meet Our Family

HappyGram continues to be a passion project for our whole family. While visiting his father in a Florida senior community, our dad observed the residents going through the daily ritual of trekking to their mail box. Unfortunately, an eager anticipation of mail was usually met with an empty box or junk mail to be tossed out at the nearest garbage can.

While he was watching person after person disappointed at the mailbox, a thought came through:


“How could we help get a card in those mail boxes from someone who cares?” 


Knowing many kids/adults text instead of call or write, he thought it may be easier to encourage people to send a message — similar to a text message — to their loved ones in retirement homes.


Our Dad brought home the idea of “texting your grandma.” Sitting around the family kitchen table, over a number of sessions and iterations… HappyGram was born!



Our goal is to help put a little joy in mailboxes one note at a time… we hope you find HappyGram does this for you!

Opa was the first recipient of HappyGram messages! He received 28 HappyGram Birthday messages for his 98th Birthday from family and friends in the community after we announced his birthday in the Cedar Rapids Milestones.