HappyGram New Portal Login

HappyGram Community Login Process

1. Type in the following URL to get to the new HappyGram Portal Login screen – https://web.happygram.app/ 

Enter an email address that HappyGram has on file for your community and click the “Send verification code” button.

2. If you are still waiting for the email after 1-minute, please check your spam folder. The verification code will be coming from “noreply@mail.carestory.com”

3. Enter the verification code you receive in your email and click the “Verify code” button (please check your spam folder if you don’t receive it within a minute)

4. *** To display today’s HappyGram date, you may have to click “SHOW ALL” at the bottom of the page. We are working on an update, but this should work in the meantime. We appreciate and thank you for working through everything with us! ***

It may take a few minutes to refresh, but the newest HappyGrams will display at the top of the page once the “Show All” button has loaded.

Video of Login Process

Animation of Login Process

An animation of a screenshare showing how to log into the HappyGram and CareStory portal.