This Day in History – August 28th

August 28th – This Day in History

1774 St. Elizabeth born in New York City. She went on to found the first Catholic school and the first female apostolic community in the United States. She was also the first American-born saint beatified by the Roman Catholic Church.

1914 Three German cruisers are sunk by ships of the Royal Navy in the Battle of Heligoland Bight, the first major naval battle of World War I.

1955 Emmett Till is murdered.

1963 Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers “I Have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington, one of the largest demonstrations in the history of the United States.

1981 John Hinckley Jr. pleads innocent to attempting to assassinate Pres. Ronald Reagan.

1988 An air show involving military jets at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany turns tragic.

1996 Charles and Diana divorce. After four years of separation, Charles, Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne, and his wife, Princess Diana, formally divorce.

2005 Hurricane Katrina reaches Category 5 strength; Louisiana Superdome opened as a “refuge of last resort” in New Orleans.


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