Meet the University of Iowa Team

Meet the University of Iowa Team

Many people make HappyGram what it is today. From the website, creating and formatting the HappyGram cards, the protocols to communicate with our communities, and everything else behind the scenes to make things run smoothly…many systems are needed for HappyGram to be at its best.  A group of experts in these areas happened to join the team about a month ago—introducing you to our University of Iowa team, Ben, Maria, and Daniel. 

The team are all students at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. They have backgrounds in computer science/administration, which the HappyGram team is grateful for. All three of them intend to graduate this coming spring. 

Here are some fun things to know about our U of I team. For starters, we have Ben Gardner, who is a double major in Finance & Information Systems. After graduation, Ben is moving to Minneapolis to begin his career as a Financial Analyst. In his free time, he likes to detail cars and work outside on landscaping projects. 

Next, we have Maria Hall, an Analytics & Information Systems major with a Computer Science minor. After school, Maria would like to possibly pursue a career in DevOps. A fun fact about Maria is she taught a class of 23 students about finance. 

The third and final member of the U of I team is Daniel Bullock. Daniel is assisting the HappyGram team in some pretty complex systems programming. From working on APIs, community portals, and integrating our systems, Daniel has his hands full. 

HappyGram is striving to reach as many senior communities as possible. With these students’ help and abilities, HappyGrams goal of impacting additional lives will be more attainable.  We are grateful to these students for choosing HappyGram as their Capstone project and look forward to seeing what the rest of the semester brings! 

Welcome, University of Iowa team!