Eagle Grove Greenhouses

Eagle Grove Greenhouses is offering FREE delivery to Rotary Senior Living and a FREE bag of caramels for Valentine's Day!

Eagle Grove Greenhouses is supporting HappyGram’s mission of connecting loved ones and is offering free delivery and bag of caramels for every order to a resident of Rotary Senior during the month of February! 
Just a reminder, Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year. If you would like your flowers or gift delivered to Rotary Senior Living by Valentine’s Day, please order by Wednesday February 10th to be delivered on Thursday, February 11th.

Call and mention HappyGram!

Please call Eagle Grove Greenhouses  at (515)448-5181 to take advantage of this special offer! 

Thank you from HappyGram!

HappyGram would like to recognize Eagle Grove Greenhouses as an official sponsor of HappyGram. 


A special thank you to the Wilde family and Eagle Grove Greenhouses staff for joining in our mission to “Battle Senior Loneliness!”  


HappyGram would also like to thank Rotary Senior Living for delivering HappyGrams to their residents. There has been a tremendous response from the community and we thank everyone who has been part of either sending or delivering HappyGrams to Rotary Senior Living Residents! 

Call Eagle Grove Greenhouses today at (515)448-5181 to take advantage of free delivery AND a free bag of caramels to Rotary Senior Living! 

Are you interested in becoming a HappyGram sponsor?

Great! Email us at Hello@HappyGram.org to find out more information.