How to Create a Photo Collage for Your HappyGram

How to Create a Photo Collage for Your HappyGram

Looking for a fun, new way to include multiple photos in one HappyGram? Check out these free photo collage apps for your phone and computer. 

On Your Phone (iPhone and Android)

Rated #1 on the app store for collages, Pic Stitch is a great way to design and personalize your own HappyGram with multiple photos. Pic Stitch packs a simple design with a powerful photo editor to give you everything you could want to make your pictures simply amazing. Just go to your app store, download, and exit out of the payment portal to start designing your free collages for your HappyGram. 

On Your Computer
Want to create a photo collage from your desktop? FotoJet is a simple website that gives you multiple collages, frames, and designs for your next HappyGram. FotoJet meets all of your needs from editing photos, creating photo collages, and making designs. Please note, you do not need to sign-up for a free trial to create collages. Simply click on the link, create your collage, and click download. 

Collage Examples:

• Pic Stitch (Android) Click to Download

• Pic Stitch (iPhone) Click to Dowload

• Desktop: Click to Download