Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day cards from Students to Seniors!

Choose how many HappyGrams you would like to download for Valentine’s Day! 
Simply print and deliver to your residents!* 

*Illinois Communities, please scroll down for announcement

Attention: Illinois Communities!

Illinois Communities have a special sponsor! Thank you, In Home Medical Group, for being this year’s Champion sponsor for Illinois communities! 

Connecting generations: 


Elementary students have been busy sending HappyGrams to seniors in senior homes!

Join us in our global effort of

Connecting Generations

Loneliness amongst seniors has skyrocketed, especially since the pandemic. That’s why students thought it was more important than ever to send uplifting Valentine’s Day cards to seniors in senior homes. 



Special thank you to Mrs. James for encouraging her elementary students to send HappyGrams to seniors for Valentine’s Day! 

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While our overall mission is Connection, here are 4 additional benefits of using HappyGram in the classroom: Creativity, Coherent writing, Computer skills and Compassion for Community. Click below to learn more.