Old Pictures help with memory

Old Photographs aid in "Reminiscence therapy"

Old photographs can be a powerful tool to help your loved one experience positive emotions.

Reminiscing on earlier times with pictures is especially wonderful to help those struggling with memory… to remember! Old photographs are just one way to stimulate memories, it’s part of something called “Reminiscence therapy” and it’s a burgeoning part of dementia care, says Martina Kane of the Alzheimer’s Society.

“[Many] deep-seated memories have a lot of emotion attached to them,” she says. “You can tap into someone’s positive emotions of their past and that can bring some positive emotion to them.”

Join in the fun! Dig through those old photo albums, snap a picture and then send with HappyGram! These “throwback” pictures will surely jog some fond memories for your loved ones in senior living communities!

Thank you, Chris! For giving us permission to share this sweet memory you sent to your mom with HappyGram!

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Community Spotlight: Colorow Care Center in Olathe, Colorado

Ephraam Price, Life Enhancement Director  

Colorow Care Center | Olathe, CO


“Here at Colorow, we use photo albums as one way to connect the elders and family with each other during visitations. It can, at times, be hard to find a common topic to discuss with your loved one. Some of which you have not seen in some time. The photos in the albums can help break the ice and bring a common memory or moment up for everyone to talk about with each other. This helps lead to other topics and more meaningful conversation. Using the photos and emails from HappyGram has been another tool we have to help families connect with each other from a far and in person.”


Thank you Ephraam and Colorow Care Center for using HappyGram to help your residents remember special memories! We appreciate all you do for your residents and their families!

Thank you, Ephraam!